About Me

My name is Jimmy Gillispie and I’m a longtime sports reporter who has created this site with the goal of providing the best coverage of high school sports in the Kansas City area.

It will take time to build toward that goal, but I’m dedicated to my work and will work toward writing stories about all sports and covering all sizes of schools all across the area. For now, the site will primarily focus on cross country, wrestling and track and field, but I want to cover more sports as time allows and as the site grows.

I have worked at various newspapers across the Midwest for more than 16 years, with the majority of my work being a sports reporter/photographer. My first seven years were spent in my hometown of Baldwin City, Kansas. 

From June 2014 to July 2021, I worked in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where I covered high school and Oklahoma State University sports at the Stillwater News Press.

My wife and I recently moved to the KC area, and I want to continue working toward my dream of operating a sports website dedicated to prep sports. I do have a full-time job that’s not in journalism, so this will become my 2nd job but it rarely feels like as it’s a huge passion of mine.

Feel free to contact me with questions or story ideas. I enjoy sharing stories about people, so I can’t wait to grow this site with the help of coaches, athletes, administration and fans across the greater Kansas City area in both states.

Oklahoma State University’s new baseball stadium – O’Brate Stadium press box

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